Saturday, January 9, 2010

~New Blogs~

I have created 2 new Blogs.
One is "BeJeweled Show Schedule" where I will post just my art/craft show schedule for the year.
The other is "BeJeweled Shop" where I will post info about our hours of operation and updates on special activities we.........and the town of Clinton.........will be having throughout the year.

I have provided a link here......right under "My Other Sites"............and I have all of my sites linked together so that you can easily go back and forth between them.

I will be using this blog here mostly for showing new designs and special announcements.

~Some Photo's Of Our Little Shop~

Besides Tim's beautiful artwork, he takes old beds and makes storage benches out of them.

~Shop Is Staying Open~

The shop at 6 Williams Street, Clinton is staying open. Tim and I really enjoyed having a shop to call our own and will be staying open for January and hopefully February. We may be changing our location to a shop that better suits our needs, but for now, we will be staying put. I will keep you well informed before we make our move. In the meantime, come on in and say hi!!